The Most Overlooked Piece of Equipment in the Bag

What is the only piece of equipment that is used on every single shot during your round of golf?  The golf ball!  Before teeing off, most amateurs reach into their golf bag and pull out a couple of mismatched golf balls that they have either found, bought or were gifted.  The most common thing I hear is “I’m just not good enough for it to matter”, but is this true?  Golf balls come in a variety of different options, from multi-layer construction, ultra-thin covers, different compressions and more.  These different constructions change the way the golf ball performs. Some are designed to launch high, others designed to spin more around the green or less off the tee but they all have a purpose.  Constantly switching from ball to ball can make it difficult to predict the way the ball will react both off the face of the club and on the green, only making a hard game even harder.  After all, the last thing you want to do is execute the shot you want only to watch the ball roll out further than expected or not enough.  Playing the same ball throughout your round and throughout your season is a simple way to add continuity to your game and provide some consistency in an otherwise inconsistent sport.

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