True Tempo

How many times have you heard someone say that his/her swing was quick?  This is a very general observation that people will also make of other players without a true understanding behind what is actually happening.  With a training aid called Blast Motion we can actually see a player’s tempo and begin to decipher what is taking place in the golf swing causing someone to feel or look quick.

After analyzing many swings of the best players in the world we know that their backswing time actually tends to be faster than people realize.  Take a look at the video of Louis Oosthuizen’s swing a few times and you’ll notice that he swings the club back deceptively fast and looks smooth from there. So, how is it that golfers feel quick if they are actually slow?  What tends to happen is a golfer takes the club back too slow and then the transition becomes quick as he/she tries to generate some force to apply to the golf ball.  If a golfer can actually generate more speed and energy in the backswing, engaging the muscles, then the transition will tend to smooth out.  This is much like a swing on a playground, there is a lot of energy at the bottom but essentially weightlessness at the top.  This is how good tempo feels.

If you are not sure where your tempo is then get on Blast Motion to figure out where you are.  Start with backswing time and go from there.  After all, tempo is the glue that puts it all together and makes the swing athletic. 

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