Our Golf Club Fitting Process

At GPC, we’ve developed an award winning golf club fitting process that ensures each player finds the right equipment for their game based on a proprietary evaluation, data analysis and green grass verification. Our club-agnostic philosophy means players find the exact clubs for their goals, rather than being led by a specific brand.

Our Process

Evaluate Current Equipment

We begin with a player interview and warm up, plus a DNA test of current equipment to determine the set make-up and specification. Next, a TrackMan and GEARS data capture of current equipment is used for a baseline fitting.

Data-Driven Golf Club Fitting

Our club fitters use TrackMan and GCQuad launch monitors to guide players precisely through the game’s leading brands and manufacturers to determine the best combination of equipment personalized for your game.

Green Grass Verification

We offer both a controlled indoor environment and outdoor golf course environment to ensure you test equipment in several situations and have full confidence in your new equipment.

The Build Process

We ensure the highest quality control by custom building your new golf clubs to individual specification in our professional build shop. Not only can your custom fit golf clubs be ready on the same day, you will also receive a detailed digital summary of your fitting experience.


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