5 Elements Evaluation

At The Golf Performance Center, we individually tailor our golf instruction and performance plans to each player to improve every aspect of their game. Everything at our facility starts with an evaluation that is guided by the 5 Elements of Success.

Duration: 4 hours
Price: $1499

What Are the 5 Elements of Success?


Natural skills and the desire to improve. Cultivate your determination and passion alongside equally motivated golfers.

Physical Performance

Achieve peak performance through improving foundational movement capabilities and optimal nutrition! Certified Performance Coaches, Nutrition Coaches and Physical Therapists combine to build you an individualized plan for on and off the course.

Golf Coaching

Individualized improvement plan developed by qualified coaches. From regular one-on-one golf instruction to group sessions, our coaches tailor golf coaching to each player.

Golf Mental Game

Developing your golf mental game and capacity for competition. Work with onsite clinical psychologists to strengthen your mental game.


The right equipment for the task, tailored to your game at all stages of development. From what you swing to what you wear, we have all the tools you need to perform your best.

5 Elements Of Success Evaluation


The physical evaluation gauges an athlete’s ability to move through screening processes that evaluate mobility and stability, as well as their ability to generate strength and power, and demonstrate the ability to transfer energy through their system by performing a series of physical proficiency tests.


The golf evaluation characterizes your golf swing and putting stroke using the latest state-of-the-art technologies available, including V1 Sports, BodiTrak, K-Vest®, GEARS and SAM PuttLab.


The equipment evaluation is a full analysis of your current setup, identifying any inconsistencies or gapping issues.


The mental evaluation reviews your propensity for coaching using an online tool called “The Mental Golf Workshop.”


Using the physical, golf, equipment and mental evaluations, our coaches create a personalized plan to help you achieve your future goals.