“Function Dictates Form”

We believe in this philosophy as the backbone to both our golf and physical coaching at GPC. It’s hard to argue the fact that a golfer’s physical abilities (or inabilities) will determine how they move the club, and more specifically, their ability to find and maintain proper posture in the golf swing. Dynamic posture can be defined as maintaining efficient movement mechanics throughout the various positions in the golf swing. In other words, maintaining a consistent posture once the club begins to move even the slightest bit. Once speed is introduced to a move like the golf swing, any physical limitations you possess, along with the movement patterns that have been ingrained over time, will force your body into the positions it feels most “comfortable.” For starters, these “comfortable” positions result in huge energy leaks, let alone potential for injury through a resulting compensation somewhere else in the chain of moving parts.
I make a point to mention two particular areas to anyone going through our 5 Elements of Success Evaluation that will affect their ability to maintain dynamic posture; the flexibility and range of motion of the lats and hamstrings. If these two large muscle groups are tight and restricting, your movement will cause a resulting loss of posture seen in either a flat shoulder path or the hips extending too early in the golf swing. These two swing characteristics are just a piece of the puzzle that could not only cause very inconsistent ball striking, but tight lats and hamstrings are also prominent in those dealing with shoulder issues and low back pain as they affect the proper function of these segments of your body as well. Spend extra time stretching both your lats and your hamstrings each week to give yourself the best opportunity at staying in posture and achieve the positions necessary for an efficient golf swing.
See you in the Zone!

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