Archer or Arrow?

There is a common misconception in golf that if you have a high handicap or if your swing is not technically sound then equipment doesn’t really matter.  I hear it time and time again, “I will get new clubs when I get my swing down.”  The problem with this concept is it does not account for one very important factor – development!  As golfers, we are constantly learning and adjusting to try to achieve the desired results.  Your equipment is the vehicle to your ball flight and having equipment that is flawed one way or another can slow development down to a crawl. Outside elements like course conditions, weather and equipment are all major factors in how you develop as a golfer.  The same way golfers from Texas learn to play in the wind, a golfer using heavy steel shafts will learn to adjust their technique to get the proper ball flight.  The common cliché of “it’s the archer not the arrow” is only true if you know you have a good arrow.  Having trust in your equipment not only gives you peace of mind when something goes wrong, it also affects your development as a player.

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