Hold Your Horses

At the Golf Performance Center we take every athlete’s (both junior and adults) individual needs into account for each phase of training throughout the year. We recognize our Junior Academy Members in particular are at various stages of development both physically, mentally, and with their golf skills. In order to get the most out of each athlete in the long run, and still give them the best opportunity to perform at a high level now, it is crucial they focus on the right things at the right times. Often we see an athlete with a great golf skill set who has not yet matured physically or emotionally. Although it would seem this athlete is “ahead of the curve”, unless they are putting in the effort to prepare their body and their mind for the challenges they will face as they get older they may very well be “in their prime” as we speak.

In order to set the stage for success down the road, it is important a junior athlete’s program begin with learning proper fundamental movement. Once this is mastered, their risk for injury (both acute and chronic) will be less and their physical performance on the course and in the gym will see a positive change as techniques will be grasped quicker and proper movement patterns will be engrained from the start.

Contrary to what many may believe, sport specific skills are really focused on and mastered later in the process despite being introduced at various stages of development along the way. An overwhelming majority of parents and “teachers” develop this area of a young athlete’s game first, and that very simply is a mistake. If an athlete has done everything they can to become functional and well-rounded in their movement (through gaining experience in other sports and physical activities), these sport specific skills will be easier to hone as the athlete gets older. I look forward to helping our athletes take on the challenge of doing the simple things extraordinarily well this summer so they can set themselves up for success moving forward!

See you in the Zone!

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