First Week of the Summer Session

The first week of the summer session is now complete.  The kids have been training at GPC, playing GPC National, playing rounds at Salem Country Club and enjoying meals, recreational time and enrichment at EAP and Main Campus.  Charlie Wampfler, Director of Academics and Daily Operations with the help of Will Del Santo, our EAP Associate, has led dynamic enrichment exercises designed to get the kids thinking about who they are as humans and their goals as student athletes.  The collective mood of each of the groups is very positive as they seem to be fully engaged in golf, enrichment, and recreational activities.  The food, provided by Raffaelle Gallo of the renowned Gallo Restaurant in Ridgefield, has been excellent and the kids cannot get enough of it. All in all, the program is off to a great start illustrating that if you provide a balance of hard work and fun in a positive environment, kids will thrive.

All of us at EAP are looking forward to spending more time with the current group as well as welcoming  new student athletes over the course of the next seven weeks.

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