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25 May
  • May 25, 2022

ACHIEVE Golf Academy – The
Best Golf School in the Northeast

For truly passionate student-athletes who know as teenagers that they want to pursue golf in college or even professionally, the best choice might be a full-time golf academy. ACHIEVE at the Golf Performance Center is our answer for dedicated student-athletes who wish to grow in golf while utilizing a flexible learning environment in order to better their skills and put themselves in the best possible position for a rewarding future in golf. 

ACHIEVE is a full-year program for students in grades 6-12 who are committed to the physical and academic rigor of a golf academy. ACHIEVE is individualized and self-paced, challenging students to maximize their academic skills, cultivate high moral character and develop athletic training in the game of golf.

The learning model developed at ACHIEVE utilizes an online curriculum, which gives students the flexibility to nurture their golf skills and compete in junior golf tournaments while putting them on an academic track to achieve success in the classroom. Students are also supported through programs like mindfulness training, nutrition counseling and meeting with a sports psychologist for a holistic training environment. 

Through the GPC’s signature 5 Elements of Success principles, student-athletes learn to train not only their physical but also their mental game. These principles are: desire, physical, coaching, mental and equipment. Each student is evaluated on these 5 principles to examine their golf skills and physical proficiencies so the GPC golf instructors can create a program tailored to their specific needs.

Why ACHIEVE Golf Academy

The educators and golf instructors at ACHIEVE at the Golf Performance Center are dedicated to fostering a learning environment in which every student-athlete feels supported on their road to success in the classroom, on the golf course and in life. The learning model at ACHIEVE is personalized for the academic and athletic needs of each student and aims to help every student achieve their full potential. 

As one of the best golf boarding schools, ACHIEVE Golf Academy differentiates itself from other golf schools in a number of ways. To start, its location in Connecticut puts it in the long tradition of Northeastern boarding schools. While many golf boarding schools in the USA are located in the southeast, students at ACHIEVE receive the traditional northeastern boarding school experience, while also going through a rigorous golf training program and a competitive tournament schedule. 

For students looking for the typical boarding school experience combined with all the programming and instruction of a top golf school, ACHIEVE is the best of both worlds. Let’s take a look at what makes a boarding school a unique high school experience and how golf works on the high school level.

What is boarding school?

ACHIEVE is a boarding school located in Ridgefield, CT, meaning that students live full-time in residence halls on campus. As boarding school students, ACHIEVE students live in dorms, eat their meals in the dining hall and attend classes all on the Main Campus. This type of school cultivates a strong community amongst students who support each other in the classroom, on the golf course and during downtime in the student lounges and recreational spaces. 

Students of ACHIEVE not only graduate with a first-class education and top-rate golf training, but they also leave with lasting friendships and mentorships among the supportive and tight-knit community of students, coaches and educators, truly making it the best golf boarding schools in the northeast. 

How does high school golf work?

High school golf, or junior golf as it is often referred to, is a critical time for developing golf skills for dedicated players who wish to play golf competitively in preparation for college and a professional career. 

One of the many reasons to attend junior golf boarding schools like ACHIEVE is to take advantage of the careful balance of school and golf to participate in the biggest junior golf tournaments in the northeast and beyond. These travel golf experiences give students a taste for what they can expect in college and beyond as they hone their golf skills in addition to getting them in ranked junior tournaments for college recruiting purposes. 

A Day in the Life of an ACHIEVE Student-Athlete

Life on campus is full of community, shared hustle in the classroom and the golf course and full of limitless opportunities. The student-athletes at ACHIEVE know how to work hard and take advantage of all the support systems the school and staff offer. Let’s take a look at what makes the student experience on campus so special. 

What is campus life like?

Located two minutes away by car from the Golf Performance Center, the Main Campus is the hub of ACHIEVE student life. Main Campus is home to two dormitories among lush New England greenery and beautiful walking trails. Vardon Hall is home to the dining room, a recreational room and lounge, with classrooms and offices on the second floor. 

Safety is a top concern at ACHIEVE, with 24/7 exterior surveillance of Main Campus, automatic locking doors to all buildings and key fobs provided to every student, which gives them access to their residence halls and Vardon Hall during open hours. Main Campus also has full-time staff living on campus who are committed to helping students adjust successfully to life on campus. 

What’s the classroom experience like at ACHIEVE?

The GPC and ACHIEVE have partnered with US Performance Academy (USPA) to develop a curriculum tailored to the needs of student-athletes. This academic learning model allows students to create an independent schedule according to their fits and needs, while letting them learn in a self-paced learning environment. 

USPA is an NCAA-accredited online learning platform specifically created for athletes. The flexibility allows students to learn at their own pace. At ACHIEVE, this means students balance school work with golf training and their travel and tournament schedule.

On campus, students have access to many spaces created to foster better study habits and dedicated learning. With classrooms and study rooms in Vardon Hall, students take advantage of technology and collaborate with their peers and educators on staff to keep their academic work on track.

When is high school golf season?

Students at ACHIEVE participate in several local and national golf tournaments during the academic year. High school golf season takes place during the spring in Connecticut. It’s also during the spring that students take a trip to Florida to test their game against some of the best competition in the southeast. 

Our junior golfers’ success has included wins from the AJGA, Hurricane Junior Golf Tour (HJGT), Junior PGA, Future Collegiate World Tour (FCWT), NY State Junior, CT Junior, Northeast Amateur, Planters, Walker Cup, USGA and the US Kids Junior Tour.

Students who attend ACHIEVE at the GPC have access to some of the top golf facilities (both on Main Campus and at the Golf Performance Center), training equipment and athletic professionals in the country as they balance academics and student life with their drive to succeed in golf. Former students and parents of student-athletes have seen what they or their children have been able to achieve at a golf academy like ACHIEVE.

For students who have narrowed in on their love of golf, attending a golf boarding high school is an excellent way to put them on the path to success. Through a robust admissions process and eventually evaluations to determine the proper programming tailored specifically to their needs as young players, students at ACHIEVE Golf Academy receive an unparalleled education, from the classroom to the golf course, that will prepare them for a bright future.

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03 May
  • May 3, 2022

More Than Just Golf Lessons at The
Golf Performance Center

Whether you’re an adult golfer who has recently come back to the game of golf or you’re a parent looking to share your love of the game with your children through golf instruction for kids, The Golf Performance Center has coaching and instruction for players at every age and level. 

When we say “golf lessons,” we don’t mean a one-time session that serves as a bandaid. Our coaching philosophy is that commitment to improvement goes a long way in creating a sustainable golf game. When you work with The GPC’s staff of PGA Professionals, you’re choosing to truly invest in your game.

Any player who wants to improve their golf game can approach it in a variety of ways. Golf lessons for beginners or junior golfers might focus on golf fundamentals, teaching players the rules of the game and basic skills. 

Advanced players who want to learn how to improve their handicap or fine-tune their golf swing can benefit from expert instruction and insight through evaluations and analysis. At The GPC, our golf instructors can help players who have been golfing for years identify areas of improvement or aspects of their lifestyle or fitness to help their overall performance.

Adults and juniors golfers alike have plenty of opportunities to enjoy the game of golf and develop their skills while doing so. Choose a golf coach at The GPC and you’ll have a qualified support system for however far you want to take your game.

The Benefits of Working With a Golf Coach

With the GPC’s state-of-the-art facilities, cutting-edge technology, highly-qualified club fitters, and expert golf and performance coaching, you will get so much more than you would from practicing on your own without the guidance of a golf coach.

Our programs are designed to take your play to the next level and help you improve your stats, not only through golf fundamentals but through each step of our 5 Elements of Success program: desire to improve, golf coaching, physical performance and nutrition, mental approach and equipment.

We believe that all five of these areas must be accounted for and in alignment in order for you to play at your best. You may be able to improve one or two of these areas on your own, but with the valuable insights of our coaching staff, you can achieve the perfect balance of all five elements and see your skills improve exponentially. 

At the beginning of your journey at the GPC, a golf coach will evaluate your current skill level, listen to your goals and develop a personalized program with tangible steps. 

Adult Golf Camps for Every Skill Level

At The Golf Performance Center there are golf lessons for every player at every level. Whether you’re looking for weekly training or are interested in golf clinics for adults that only last a few weeks, we have programming to meet your time and schedule. 

All adult golf programs begin with the 5 Elements of Success Evaluation so your golf instructor can develop a roadmap for your program, which might include individual or group golf lessons. From there, adults have the choice of two performance programs: Adult Academy and the Facility Program. 

Through the Facility Program you can enjoy year-round access to all of the GPC facilities and practice areas, including the King-Collins designed short course GPC National, fitness center and putting studio. With four hours of weekly physical performance and golf coaching plus personalized feedback from popular and advanced biomechanical technology, you’ll be able to identify areas of improvement alongside our expert staff.

The Adult Academy, on the other hand, includes unlimited access to golf coaching and physical performance training. Enjoy custom club fitting in our pro shop plus a personal locker and GPC golf bag in addition to year-round access to all facilities and technology. 

If you aren’t sure which type of performance program or golfing lessons are right for you, we’re happy to help you understand your priorities and preferences and recommend the right program for you. 

The Best Youth Golf Camps for Fun and Skill Development

Golf is an excellent sport for kids to learn. It’s a lifelong sport they’ll be able to enjoy and it’s a great way to foster community and make friends. It teaches patience and perseverance as well as physical and mental stamina. At the GPC, we make golf fun and rewarding for junior golfers. 

The GPC boasts some of the best junior golf camps and kids golf lessons in the northeast. From lessons for kids during the school year to golf summer camps, there is a range of options for players ages 7 all the way through high school. 

Kids golf lessons for players ages 7 to 14 offer weekly instruction on golf fundamentals, fitness and an introduction to golf-specific skills. For programs outside of the school year, there are junior summer golf camps for these age ranges that give kids plenty of coaching time and summer fun.

Players in middle school and high school can take advantage of golf instruction during three weekly sessions where they learn advanced golf skills and tournament preparation, all while having access to the GPC’s advanced technology and biomechanical testing. They can also attend some of the best golf camps for juniors during the summer to hone their skills during summer break. 

No matter the age or experience of your children, junior golf camps and kids golf lessons teach young players valuable life skills and help them learn a lifelong sport while developing important fitness and nutrition routines.

ACHIEVE Golf Academy for Junior Golfers

If your child is passionate enough about golf with hopes of playing in college or even professionally, the GPC is home to one of the best golf boarding schools in the northeast – ACHIEVE Golf Academy.

During their time at ACHIEVE Golf Academy, students live and study together on campus while receiving expert coaching and fitness instruction from our golf instructors. The curriculum is specifically tailored to student-athletes and allows them to receive a top-notch education while rigorously training for junior golf tournaments and preparing for the college recruiting process.

If your child is approaching high school age and has shown a true passion or proclivity for golf, ACHIEVE could be the best opportunity for them to hone their skills before college and lay the foundational work for a professional career in golf – more so than your typical weekly golf lessons. Find out more about academics, golf training and admissions

Golf Lessons at The Golf Performance Center

Find out how much you can improve your skills with golf lessons at The Golf Performance Center. With world-class golf coaching staff and fitness instructors, get an in-depth look at your current skills and get evaluated for areas of improvement. 

Our golf clinics for adults, group golf lessons, individual instruction as well as our array of kids golf lessons and golf camps guarantee a perfect fit for your goals. Our golf teachers will be there for you every step of the way.

Reach out to us today to see what you can achieve with the right golf instructors at your side. 

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22 April
  • April 22, 2022

Junior Club Fitting 101

Our team traveled to Ridgewood Country Club on Tuesday for the National Club Fitters Conference. There were many great topics but one thing we came away with was that it is very important to spend time making sure that kids know how to swing fast at a young age. From an equipment standpoint, this means using clubs that are not too long. Longer clubs do not allow the junior golfer to maximize the speed. Shorter clubs do. Another important junior golf club rule is to allow your kids to grow out of their clubs, not the other way. The goal to save a few bucks, may just ruin golf for someone. Instead, seek out a knowledgeable PGA Professional that can specialize in junior clubs. They have been trained to properly fit juniors and help keep their burning desire to get better last a lifetime. Remember, Equipment is one of our five elements here at GPC and it is equally important as the other four!

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08 April
  • April 8, 2022

Custom Golf Club Fitting: Tiger’s

As the golfers tee off today, Friday of the 2022 Masters, one thing’s for sure the highlighter mock yesterday worn by Tiger was hard to miss.  He looked great and made a very creative 4 on the 18th hole to stay one under par and very much in contention.  

Regardless of his score today, take a look at the irons he is still using.  They are the TaylorMade P7TW.  Engineered by the GOAT himself, these clubs require a precision strike.  They are a full 6mm less in length, toe to heel than TaylorMade’s #1 seller: the P790 iron.  They are also the first irons to debut a milled grind sole.  He is using a Stealth driver and an original SIM three wood.  Using the Bridgestone Tour B XS for his golf ball.  

Make sure you are dialed in this year.  Spend time gapping your clubs and understanding how far you hit them.  It’s wet out, how do they land?  How do they roll out?  If you want to try the TW iron, stop in and say hello and make a few swings.  Enjoy The Masters!

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04 April
  • April 4, 2022

Custom Golf Club Fitting: Optimize
Your Equipment

Getting fitted for golf clubs is a momentous occasion that warrants celebration. Taking this next step will have a significant impact on your golf game because these golf clubs will be tailored to your swing, and your swing alone.

Think about getting a suit or dress tailored to you – it provides the perfect fit because someone takes the time to note your measurements and make adjustments accordingly. Sure, the original piece of clothing is tolerable, but everyone wants to look their best on an important day.

The same philosophy is behind custom-fit golf clubs. Your golf game may feel manageable, but until you try a driver or iron set specifically built for your golf swing, you won’t know how good you can really be. Getting fitted for golf clubs extends your potential to a new level, and you don’t have to be a professional golfer to indulge. Legends like Arnold Palmer built their own golf club sets, and we can help you do the same.

At the Golf Performance Center, golf club fitting is a major inclusion in our game improvement experience. In addition to providing golf lessons for kids and adults of all skill levels, the team at the GPC provides comprehensive services that lead to a well-rounded approach to improving your golf game. This also includes the golf mental game and physical fitness.

All of these elements combine to the Player Development Index (PDI), or an assessment that gives you a detailed audit of your game and tangible goals and drills to work towards. A huge part of achieving your potential is having the right golf equipment.

Benefits to Getting Custom Fitted Golf Clubs

There are plenty of benefits of getting fitted for golf clubs. Like we said above, having the right golf clubs in your bag gets you that much closer to achieving your goals on the golf course. Whether you want to break 90 or hit more greens in regulation, a golf club fitting is where you need to go if you want a shot at achieving those results.

When you see a golf fitter, you are visiting an expert who is going to show you data around your golf club selections. At the Golf Performance Center, our staff of Class A PGA Professionals use technology like TrackMan, a Foresight GC Quad launch monitor and a GEARS 3D Motion Capture System to provide corroborating data you can trust. The combination of expertise and technology makes the GPC the best place to get fitted for golf clubs.

Long Game Club Fitting: Driver, Fairway Woods, Hybrids and Irons

Most people go to golf club fittings for their long game, though the GPC offers custom fitted clubs for the entire golf bag. No matter which golf club you’re looking to optimize, our club fitting experts always start with an in-depth discussion about your current game and your goals; we then have you hit your golf clubs so we have a baseline.

Our club fitting experts then analyze the data collected from your current driver and recommend different brands based on their launch angles, spin rates and more. Golf shafts are also swapped in throughout the process to ensure distance and accuracy are maximized. The same goes for fairway woods, hybrids and irons.

This process will take some time, but it is time well invested. At the end of the session, the numbers you see on the screen and how you feel don’t lie. You may be gaining an extra 10 yards off the tee or perhaps even 30 yards if you haven’t upgraded your golf clubs in a long time. 

You could also be decreasing your shot dispersion, getting you closer to that higher green in regulations goal. Golf companies are always pushing innovation to the next level so your golf game can benefit.

Wedge Fitting Shouldn’t Be Underestimated

Though wedge fittings don’t cross most people’s minds, this is an integral part to dialing in your short game. The GPC offers a wedge fitting experience where you can actually test out the wedges on our short golf course – GPC National.

Of course, for longer wedge shots, you can test your numbers on the GPC’s club fitting equipment, but being able to try prospective wedges on green grass is an opportunity that can’t be missed. You have the chance to try wedges from all the major golf companies in real environments where feel is the most important factor.

A Putter Fitting Is Well Worth the Investment

Getting fitted for a putter is another experience that will serve you well long-term. While new putters are being released every year, your customized putter may still be your ideal companion for years to come.

The GPC club fitters use a top-of-the-line putting studio with a SAM Putt Lab and TrackMan Putting technology as well as the Edel Putter Fitting System.

Your putting stroke can be more unique than even your golf swing. The GPC experts take the time to analyze your setup, alignment and more to ensure you are receiving the best putter for you. The goal with a putter fitting is for you to feel confident at address that you are aiming at your target and then making a solid stroke; we customize the putter to your stroke rather than have you change your stroke and setup to fit a putter.

Get Fitted for Custom Golf Clubs at the Golf Performance Center

All of these golf club fitting services – and more – are available at the Golf Performance Center. If you’re wondering where to find custom golf club fittings near me, look no further than Ridgefield, Connecticut. 

The GPC offers each golf club fitting service individually or as a combination. You can also spend a full day – from 9am to 5pm – getting the works, including on-course testing with all your new gear to ensure everything feels right outside the studios.

Golf Brands at the Golf Performance Center

Knowing the GPC carries the most popular golf brands means you’ll have a chance to try all the newest technologies when you get fitted for golf clubs. Here’s a peek at some of our top performers:

Golf Club Brands

  • Callaway Golf
  • Cleveland Golf
  • Mizuno Golf
  • PING Golf
  • Srixon Golf
  • TaylorMade Golf
  • Titleist Golf
  • XXIO Golf

Golf Shaft Brands

  • ACCRA Golf Shafts
  • AeroTech Golf Shafts
  • ALDILA Golf Shafts
  • AutoFlex Golf Shafts
  • BGT Golf Shafts
  • Fujikura Golf Shafts
  • Graphite Design Premium Golf Shafts
  • Mitsubishi Chemical Golf Shafts
  • Nippon Shaft
  • OBAN Golf Shafts
  • True Temper Golf Shafts
  • UST Mamiya Golf Shafts
  • Project X Golf Shafts

Golf Grip Brands

  • Golf Pride Grips
  • IOmic Grips
  • Lamkin Grips
  • Odyssey Grips
  • Pure Grips
  • Scotty Cameron Grips
  • SuperStroke Grips
  • Winn Grips

At the end of the day, golf is a game of confidence and control. While you can’t control everything on the golf course, you can ensure your equipment is tailored to you so you can perform your best in those uncontrollable situations. 

Getting fitted for golf clubs is a simple yet extremely effective way to raise your game to the next level and beyond. You don’t want to miss such an advantage, and the Golf Performance Center is here to answer your club fitting questions every step of the way.

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29 March
  • March 29, 2022

The Golf Performance Center: Golf
Instruction and Facilities

The Golf Performance Center is a leading, full-time golf academy located in Ridgefield, Connecticut. Our mission is to help players of all ages and skill levels realize their highest potential in the game of golf.

How do we do this? Through a personalized, holistic approach to golf instruction, including objective measurements of player development. With state-of-the-art facilities and a world-class golf coaching staff, GPC has created an environment dedicated to helping adults and junior golfers play their best.

With a wide variety of programmatic offerings, a proven methodology and competitive wins in tournaments ranging from juniors to the professional level, the GPC has something to offer any player who wishes to find success and improve their skill in the game of golf. 

Anyone who has wondered “what are the best golf instructors near me” can stop searching and take a look for themselves. Let’s explore what makes the Golf Performance Center the best option when you want to play your best golf. 

Why Choose The Golf Performance Center

The GPC has been providing expert golf instruction for over 20 years and is widely considered the leading full-time golf academy in the Northeast. 

The Golf Performance Center’s methods and programs have propelled nearly 100 athletes to play golf at the collegiate level at over 80 different universities, many of which have become NCAA All-Americans. 

Junior golfers have competed and won on the American Junior Golf Association (AJGA), Hurricane Junior Golf Tour (HJGT), Junior PGA, Future Collegians WorldTour (FCWT), NY State Junior, CT Junior, Northeast Amateur, Planters, Walker Cup, USGA and U.S. Kids Junior Tour.

Finally, athletes that have trained at the GPC have gone on to win professionally on the PGA Tour, Korn Ferry Tour, PGA Tour Canada and the European Tour.

The GPC Methodology: The Player Development Index

When players receive instruction at the GPC, they first go through our signature assessment: the Player Development Index

The Player Development Index is an objective measurement of an athlete’s golf skills and physical performance, which helps the golfer and their coach develop a baseline to identify where players are in their golf journey. The PDI is designed to help all golfers reach their goals, whether it’s to play golf at the collegiate level or simply to learn, grow and improve.

The GPC’s philosophy and approach are informed by what we call the 5 Elements of Success. These elements are: 

  1. Desire – Natural skills and the desire to improve
  2. Physical & nutrition – Achieve peak performance
  3. Coaching – Individualized, tailored coaching
  4. Mental game – Understanding mental capacity for competition
  5. Equipment – From drivers to putters, the right equipment for the task through club fitting

By combining the rigorous assessment of the PDI to pinpoint exactly how players can improve their game and the philosophy of the 5 Elements of Success, our players receive a holistic method of golf instruction meant to hone their mental and physical game. The PDI takes golf training to the next level.

Golf Instruction and Club Fitting for Adults at the GPC

The GPC offers a spectrum of golf programs for adults, from golf lessons for beginners to instruction for more advanced players. Every adult starts by taking the 5 Element Evaluation to determine the right training program for them before they start working with a golf coach. 

Once these players feel confident with the direction of their training, they can start reaping the benefits of a GPC Membership and start improving their golf game. These programs range from individual to small group coaching, plus year-round access to GPC facilities (more on these below).

GPC membership benefits give you four hours of physical performance and golf coaching a week, access to the GPC’s technology and biomedical feedback tools, unlimited access to physical performance and coaching, use of the facility’s 9-hole short course, personalized club fittings, a locker, GPC golf bag and a 10% discount at the Pro Shop. In fact, GPC Custom Clubs was included in Golf Digest’s Top 100 Clubfitters in 2021, and members can take advantage of these services. 

Golf Instruction and Club Fitting for Juniors at the GPC

At GPC, we take pride in training the next generation of golfers and instilling love of golf in children as young as four years old all the way through college-bound players in our junior academy program

Golf lessons for kids are a fantastic way to get children involved in a sport that will challenge them physically and mentally as well as become an activity they can enjoy for the rest of their lives, whether they go on to play competitively or socially. 

For the youngest children, we have the Active Start lessons, focused around introducing the most basic movement skills so kids can build a foundation for more complex movement. Kids’ golf lessons really get started for those aged 7-10 with Fundamentals, which provide young golfers with two hours of golf instruction a week. This includes basic fitness training (running, jumping, throwing, etc.) and fundamental golf skills, like balance, posture and rotation.

Kids ages 11-14 can take Learning to Play lessons, which are designed for beginner golfers. With four hours of structured, weekly coaching, this is a time for young players to master key movement skills and learn more golf-specific skills in addition to the history of the game.

Once kids move into high school, it’s time for Competitive lessons. These are most appropriate for junior players with a passion for golf who wish to play in high school and college. With six hours divided into three weekly sessions, players hone in on their physical and golf mental game, prepare for tournaments and get introduced to biomedical testing. 

The Elite program for ages 16-19 are for student-athletes of the highest skill level who wish to play in college and beyond. Through nine hours divided into three weekly sessions, their lessons focus on strength, stability, power and advanced golf skill development.

For the most advanced players over the ages of 18, the GPC offers a Gap Year Post-Graduate Program as well as Collegiate level training for student-athletes playing on the golf team at their college or university. 

Golf programs for kids and teens are offered year-round, including golf camps for kids in the summer. For families located in the New York or Connecticut area, the GPC is the best answer to a “golf camp near me” that will provide your kids with a fun and educational summer golf experience.

Golf Performance Center Facilities

The facilities at the Golf Performance Center integrate state-of-the-art training spaces with expert coaching to help players of all levels and ages grow and improve their game. 

The staff at GPC are among the best golf professionals in the country, from world-class golf coaches and instructors to clubfitters and merchandisers. Tyler Campbell, Director of Performance, was among Golf Digest’s Top 50 Golf-Fitness Trainers in 2022. 

Located on 9-acres, the GPC has options for both indoor and outdoor practice space. From the indoor golf facility to community spaces and the outdoor golf course, every space has been designed with optimal instruction and usability in mind. 


With both indoor and outdoor settings, the GPC is a true full-time, year-round golf academy. Our 9-hole short course – dubbed the “GPC National” – provides challenges for beginner golfs to advanced players alike. Plus there’s a par-3 practice hole for beginners just finding their footing.

Located in the indoor golf facility is the Putting Studio, which features putting aids, training tools and technology to help players hone their putting skills. Athletes have many tools at their disposal, including a laser alignment system, V1 Sports video analysis system with 5 cameras and Visio training aids to help them improve. The SAM PuttLab and Zen Green Stage equipment also enrich the putting experience unlike anything players can receive on the golf course alone. 

The 8 instructional practice bays provide players with a transitional indoor/outdoor space. When functioning as an indoor golf facility, they are equipped with state-of-the-art golf simulators and cutting-edge biomedical feedback technology that allows players and coaches to analyze performance before even stepping foot on the golf course. On warm days the bays can open up to the driving range. 

As physical fitness is one of the 5 Elements of Success, the GPC is also home to the Performance Zone, a fully equipped gym with everything a serious athlete needs to tone, maintain and build the strength and mobility they need to reach their full potential on the golf course. 

The final component of the GPC’s facilities is the Main Campus, located a quarter-mile from the GPC; it functions as a community space with a high-end dining hall that allows golfers to socialize with like-minded players. The Main Campus’ two residence halls are the living quarters for high school students at the full-time Achieve Golf Academy who wish to play at the collegiate level. 

The Golf Performance Center prides itself on our unique, custom golf instruction, with kids’ golf lessons, golf lessons for beginners and advanced instruction for skilled players. With our expert coaches, we develop perfectly tailored training plans to the level of instruction that best fits your needs.

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Golf Digest America's Best Clubfitters
09 July
  • July 9, 2021

Where to Get Fit: America’s
Best Clubfitters

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27 May
  • May 27, 2021

Golf Warm Up with GPC Director of
Performance, Tyler Campbell

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27 May
  • May 27, 2021

Golficity Podcast with GPC Director
of Instruction, Dennis Hillman

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