Ever hit a solid shot, right on the pin, just to see it fly over the green or come up short?  Knowing how far you hit each club is crucial for playing your best, but one overlooked aspect of equipment is having proper gapping between clubs.  Historically, irons have been designed to have ten yard gaps in between clubs.  But in actuality, it is a bit more complex than that.  Each club really has a range of distance depending on how you strike the ball. For instance, if you hit ten shots with your 7 iron, the carry distance would vary on each one, that variance gives you a general range for how far you hit that club.  Often, these ranges are not properly gapped, your 7 iron range might be 160-170 carry and your 6 iron carry may only be 168-173 carry while your 5 iron is 182-190, leaving a gap between 174-181.  Potentially they could still have 10 yards gaps somewhere in the range but you can see how this might not be ideal.  Golf is a hard enough as it is and when you hit a well struck shot on your line, you don’t want it to come up short or end up long because you do not have proper gapping between clubs.  Here at The Golf Performance Center we offer “Gapping Sessions” to make sure that your clubs are spaced out properly, so you can play your best.

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