Drive Your CARs

This week I would like to discuss one tool that can be used to help you get healthy, stay healthy, and improve your range of motion and functional mobility efficiently. Maintaining range of motion in a joint, and having the ability to use that range of motion, is the goal of the work we put in the gym, now how do you do it? 

Controlled Articular Rotations (CARs) are defined as active, rotational movements at the outer limits of articular motion that allow a person to self-assess, and regularly test their ability to achieve more range of motion in a joint. To put it VERY simply (as there is more involved with CARs), they would fall under the category of joint circles (i.e., hip circles, arm circles, wrist circles, or neck circles). CARs can be used for range of motion maintenance, to achieve articular health and longevity, and for rehabilitation purposes. They can be done with no equipment, at any joint, in a short period of time, and performed frequently enough to be able to see and feel the differences in the new range of motion you’re able to achieve. It is important that when doing these exercises, you avoid any pinching or pain in the joint. If you feel this, simply avoid the spot that is causing the pain and continue with the rotation (skip over it, if you will). They can be executed using various levels of isometric “resistance” to elicit improved joint adaptation in the long run, resulting in more range of motion. Ultimately, CARs are a versatile tool in the toolbox that can help you get to the next level with your mobility goals.

As much as I can stress the importance of incorporating CARs into yourperformance plan, a simple paragraph or two will not do this method or style of exercise justice. I highly encourage you to reach out to Kyle or myself to experience CARs firsthand and go over how to do them on your own at home. I am confident you will see and feel the difference in your ability to move better, giving you the freedom to achieve the positions necessary in the golf swing to make you the most efficient golf athlete you can be. 

See you in the Zone!

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