Using the Ground

With the off season fast approaching, it is a good time to begin working on improving movement at a fundamental level, and there is no better place to begin doing that than at the ground. As a golfer moves through the golf swing, pressure is being applied into the ground at different places in the feet, giving the golfer the leverage to move dynamically. Gaining a better understanding of and improving upon where the pressure is in the feet at different points in the swing can vastly affect the efficiency of the golf swing.

A great way to begin understanding how you are using the ground is to get captured on a pressure mat. This will show you exactly where you are applying the most pressure into the ground and, with the proper expert interpretation, can give you clues as to why you have certain swing tendencies. With that information, you can begin to train to improve where you are applying pressure as you move through the golf swing. There is no better way to do this than to take slow swings barefoot.

Taking slow swings with no shoes on can really allow you to focus on the feet and feeling the pressure points in the ground. The more slow swings you do, the more you will understand how ground forces affect how you move. The great Sam Snead was known for practicing with no shoes on and even played nine holes at Augusta National once to regain his balance and rhythm. Snead still holds the record for the most PGA Tour victories of all time with 82 (we’ll see if Tiger can catch him).

Practice Smart!

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