One of the most challenging endeavors in all of sport is to change an ingrained motor pattern in an effort to become better. Nowhere do we see this challenge greater than we do in the game of golf.

Understanding what needs to be done is the first step and a critical one. After that, addressing any physical limitations and improving function is also vital to the improvement process. When physical function has improved, certain tendencies may still remain as they are hard-wired into the central nervous system, making them very difficult to reprogram. However, this does not mean that it is impossible.

Receiving consistent feedback as you move through the improved movement is vital. Many golfers continue to work on drills in an effort to make a change, yet do so without the proper feedback. They are simply fooling themselves into thinking that they are making the improved motion until a coach or video tells them otherwise. This is why most people who understand what needs to be done and can physically make the movement still cannot make the change into automatic motion.

Designing an off season practice plan that includes the proper feedback mechanisms is a critical step to making the necessary changes. Ultimately, practicing with instant feedback will help you to increase your awareness more quickly and help you override the old tendencies. Coaching, training aids, video, and 3D biofeedback systems (See Alex on K-Vest in the photo above) are all great ways to receive instant feedback.

Take the time to write down the changes that need to be made, the drills that you will perform, and the feedback mechanism that you will be using as you go through the drills. This will make for a much more productive off season.

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