“That Which Can Be Measured Can Be Improved”

Golf is a very difficult game. We all know how frustrating it can be when the result of your shots is not what you envisioned. Improving your overall physical performance can be just as difficult and it too becomes frustrating when your work in the gym is not seeming to progress at the pace you had planned. All is not lost in either situation, however, and if you want to find success and ultimately reach your goals your mindset must be adaptable. I encourage you to be open to the fact that there is no “cookie cutter” way to mastering the game of golf, nor your quality of movement, strength, and power. This does not mean you have to settle or lower your standards, it simply means not everyone’s roadmap will look the same.

At GPC we offer countless feedback tools to allow our golf athletes the ability to quantify their improvement. We trust the feedback of numerous pieces of technology as we help our athletes develop. From K-Vest, BodiTrak, GEARs, and SAM PuttLab, to the Functional Movement Screen, a variety of golf specific screens, and physical proficiencies (like your vertical jump, sit up and throw, and medicine ball shot put throw on the physical side), we are able to quantify the lead factors that result in lower scoring averages down the road.

In an ideal world, your scoring average would drop significantly each year, but this game isn’t easy. In fact, scoring average is the LAST area where improvement will be reflected. It is important to consider the positive changes you have made on the way to the bigger picture and how those puzzle pieces will ultimately be put together to get you the results you have been working so hard for.

I encourage everyone to schedule an updated physical evaluation so we can gather baseline numbers for the off-season and determine where you need to dedicate more time in the coming months.

See you in the Zone!

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