What Are We Learning?

During this transformative time across the globe, we have the opportunity to learn a lot about ourselves.  We are learning that more time at home means we can get better at being a family. We have all seen the father/daughter TikToks, the heartwarming videos of grandchildren standing outside the door and waving signs saying how much they miss seeing Poppy and GG, and there has certainly been an increase in family game night! We are learning that more time in “isolation” allows for more time to improve ourselves through reflection and self-care. More people are walking and running during different times of the day, making time for themselves during what used to be highly structured and often stress filled hours of the day. 
For our students, we are learning that with schools having moved to an online platform, there is more flexible time for students to pursue their learning which allows for greater focus and a deeper dive into the material.  They now have the time to think more deeply and ask uninhibited questions of their teachers simply because they have a voice that is not overshadowed by a large classroom. The individualized attention and feedback they receive makes them feel empowered and inspired to learn.  With more time, students are more able to pursue passions outside of classwork with greater intensity. Experiential learning projects, research opportunities and specialized athletic pursuits are more obtainable with flexible time.
Flexible and individualized learning is at the core of Ethan Allen Prep’s approach to student success.  The K12 curriculum is intellectually rigorous yet flexible allowing students to fully engage with their teachers and mentors in a way that also allows them to pursue their passion for golf.  EAP believes that in order for students to be successful in school and in life we must help them maximize their learning.  These core beliefs correlate directly to what the world tells us makes a happy and successful adult

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