Spring Outlook for Students

Recently, I was talking with a colleague and we both opined that this winter has been particularly difficult for both the students and faculty to be their best selves. We couldn’t put our finger on exactly why but felt that, despite the mildness, this winter has not encouraged physical activity, engagement with others or time outdoors. Most winters we have snow thus providing the chance to sled, ski, shovel… and most importantly, a snow day or two! Daylight, physical activity and a couple of unpredictable days off are usually a winter staple.
We came to the conclusion, that during these long months we all need to be more intentional about getting outside, interacting with others, and taking care of our bodies because we function at a higher level when we do these things. I share this as a way of reminding ourselves to be proactive as we head into the long winter months next year. The good news is that spring is around the corner and the days are getting longer. Perhaps as the flowers blossom, our productivity and spirits will as well.

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