The Effects of Dynamic Posture

Many people spend countless hours trying to correct an open clubface at the top without the proper understanding of what may be the underlying cause.  To set the club properly with a grip that is within the range of neutral, the trail shoulder must externally rotate which means that it rotates in the same way that it does when winding up to throw a ball.  Let’s look at what can affect this motion.
A very common swing flaw is to turn back with a shoulder plane that is too steep.  The steeper the shoulders turn the more external rotation is required to set the wrists in a way that maintains a square clubface.  Many people have limited external rotation of the shoulders so the steep turn means it is almost impossible to set the club square.  With a clubface that is wide open at the top a player is forced to compensate in the downswing many times with excessive supination and pronation of the wrists to square the club up by impact.  This excessive clubface rotation is very hard to time making ball control very difficult.
This is just one example of how dynamic posture affects clubpath and clubface control throughout the swing.  If you cannot control clubpath and clubface then you will surely have a hard time controlling the golf ball.  Take the time to find out if you are maintaining posture in the golf swing, and, if not, how you can go about changing it.

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