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Growth Mindset and the New Normal

Normal- conforming to a standard; usual, typical, or expected.(as defined in the dictionary)

Covid-19 has forced us out of our comfort zone causing us to view both our immediate, and global surroundings with new and different perspectives.  The standard to which to conform, the usual, the typical and the expected can no longer be defined en masse. The world is not like it was three months ago…as we see the devastating impact Covid-19 has had on education, economies, politics and social issues, to name a few, in the daily news cycle. Irrespective of how any of these issues affect us personally, we cannot ignore that our lives have been changed and we may no longer be able to predict normal.  Therefore, in order to define and embrace a “new normal” for ourselves and those we care for, our mindset must change. If we don’t possess one already, shifting to a growth mindset will be necessary as we build out new daily routines, social opportunities and career aspirations etc. While the term “new normal” may be confusing, (it is to me) a growth mindset, holding true to positive human values, and working together through future adversity, will enable us to no longer stagnate and to no longer accept “normal” because we will forever strive to learn from our experiences and be better.

The article below talks about developing a growth mindset through grit and resilience.

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