Savoring in Sports

Savoring is a practice that supports mental well-being and can enhance enjoyment of sports and life. When you practice being present with the moment, time seems to not exist anymore, and the moment itself can be savored in a way that makes it meaningful and lasting.
First you have to start becoming aware of how often you want to be somewhere else. Like being quarantined visualizing your golf game and thinking you’d rather be outside playing. Or playing the fourth hole in a game and wishing you were on the last. How about sitting around the table eating dinner with family and being distracted on your phone wishing to be with someone else? Or working on your to-do list in quarantine and wishing it were over so you could be completing your to-do’s somewhere else. The act of distracting depletes mental and emotional energy that could be used to improve and enjoy your golf game, relationships, and life.
Savoring requires presence, and being present in the moment cannot coexist with a desire to be somewhere else or thoughts about past/future. We are distracted so often in life that we miss some of the greatest and most meaningful opportunities.
I challenge you to practice savoring this week. Savoring is the act of enjoying and appreciating an experience completely, by not only reflecting on it, but by being fully present in each moment with it. Savoring intensifies and lengthens positive emotions that come with doing something you love.
This week, choose one experience to truly savor each day. It could be a warm shower, delicious meal, walk outside, playing a golf game, or practicing golf techniques. Enhance your savoring experience by sharing the experience with another person, feeling gratitude for the experience, and making sure you stay present with the experience the entire time.
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