Getting your ball in play off the tee is a crucial part of playing the game of golf. One of the main fundamentals of good drivers of the ball is center contact, meaning, hitting the ball in the sweet spot of the club face. The reason is because as you miss-hit the ball on the club face, your ball flight will change. Imagine the center of gravity or CG of the club is aligned behind the center of the club face, or the sweet spot. When the collision occurs with the club head and the golf ball, the two CG’s are attracted to each other, this love connection produces what is known as “gear effect” and can drastically change the ball flight of your drive. Hitting the ball off the toe of the driver will result in an added draw spin (right to left for right-handed golfer), hitting the ball off the heel of the driver will result in added fade spin (left to right for right-handed golfer).  For example, if you normally play a fade, a toe strike may counter the fade spin and result in a straight drive. If you already play a draw, this will more than likely result in low hook. Now you can see why hitting the center of the club is so important to getting off the tee consistently, with a repeatable ball flight.

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  1. Fascinating read! Your article on the gear effect in golf is insightful and engaging, shedding light on an important aspect of the game. Thanks for sharing this love story with golf enthusiasts!

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