Why Posture Matters

Why Posture Matters?

The Second primary fundamental of the golf swing is posture.  In the photo above you can see that Rory Mcilroy is in good posture with his spine in a neutral position from tailbone to cranium.  Why is this important?  How does this affect the movement of the golf swing?  How do you work on this?  Let’s look at why we see so many of the best players in the world in good posture and how that helps them shoot lower scores.

When a player is in good posture the joints are lined up in a way which allows for quality movement meaning stability and maximum range of motion.  If the spine is in extension (S-Posture) or flexion (C-Posture) the body will not be able to move in an efficient way and compensations are sure to follow.  When compensations follow the player loses the ability to swing the club at maximum speeds and control it while minimizing the risk of injury.  Just taking the time to work on your posture can be a big step towards the swing changes that you are looking to make this off season.

How can you work on posture?  First, just paying attention to your posture in life will help to begin developing awareness around what a neutral spine feels like.  Secondly, doing a posture drill where you stand tall and place the grip end of the club under your nose against your mouth and press the shaft against your stomach with the lead hand.  From there hip hinge and let the trail hand ride down the thigh until it reaches the top of the knee. Then add some knee flex and feel where you are.  Ideally, you feel balanced and athletic, ready to move with speed in a stable, efficient way.  

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