Setting Goals for 2024

Goals 2024

First week of the new year always has that feeling of brand new, so I always like to reflect on the previous year and look ahead to what could be this year! 

This week I like to write out some goals for myself in all aspects of my life including in the gym! I also like to have check marks along the way to know that I am always working towards that goal! 

In the performance/fitness world people tend to have outlandish goals that for most are unattainable and most just give up by the time January is over! 

My advice is to set an attainable goal for yourself in the gym or in golf and have check marks either each day, each week or each month that you can hit to ultimately achieve your end goal! 

For example I want to add 25 pounds to my bench press by March 1st. My check marks daily is that my nutrition has to be spot on, my check mark weekly is to not miss any workouts and make sure I’m progressing each workout and lastly my monthly check mark is to check into my motivation and make sure it’s still high and after the end goal! 

It is also important to always relate your physical goal with how it will help you with your golf goal. At the end of the day that’s why we are all at GPC! This will keep you motivated to complete both goals and won’t let you slip on your physical goal. I know some of you have let your physical goal slip and saw your golf game go as well keeping you further away from completing that goal! 

This could be applied to your golf game as well. Let’s say you want to break 80 by the end of the 2024 golf season! You’ve come close last year a few times but couldn’t quite complete it. First you need a plan! All great goals are executed with a plan! In this plan are the weekly check marks you’re making to get closer to it. Whether that’s completing your practice plan or practicing golf 4 days a week. Then you need to know what stopped you from not breaking 80 last year and put extra effort into those areas of your game. My suggestion is to always start and end with your struggle areas! For example I had a few to many 3 putts last year. I know after my warm up I’m going to start my practice with putting drills on my plan. I know I also struggled with nerves over the ball near the end of the round. I’m going to end my practice with a challenge like making 50 3 footers in a row. This gets your body used to what it might face on 18 for that last putt for 79 next golf season! 

I hope this helps you in coming up with a goal for yourself in the gym or on the course! If you have questions on coming up with an attainable goal come find us in the Performance Zone, we are always there for help! 

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