‘Tis The Season

t’s hard to believe it’s that time of year already. Yes, the holiday madness has begun. That means lots of traffic and long lines at the mall, post office, or wherever else you may be headed. Instead of stressing out and losing your mind (Clark Griswold style), take that time to do your golf drills. Why not check your posture and go through some body swings while you wait on line at Macy’s. It will make the time go by a lot faster and more productively.
Being that we are in December and the golf season is three to four months away now is the time to isolate certain fundamental movements. Staying with one or two drills at a time until they are mastered is the best way to reprogram your system to perform a new more efficient motor pattern. The more quality reps you can get in the better.
Obviously feedback is necessary along the way to be certain that you are performing the drills better each time. There are many ways to get feedback: coach, video, mirror, and training aids are some of the examples. I am not suggesting that you bring a golf club and training aid to the mall, although I would respect it. After all, you have to be a little crazy to get good at golf!
Happy Holidays!
Practice Smart!

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