Take a Trip to Central Park!

Over the past few weeks the focus of improving lateral stability in the golf swing has come to the surface for many of our golfers, both juniors and adults alike. The glute medius is a major player in stabilizing the lower body laterally, and doing so will also ensure the upper body is given the best opportunity to achieve the positions necessary for the most efficient golf swing possible. If your glute medius is weak or inhibited (not firing) and lateral stability is lacking in your lower body, the upper body will be predisposed to “counterbalance” itself. The result of this “counterbalance” is referred to as reverse spine angle and can mean bad things not only for ball striking consistency, but also low back health.
So how do you improve your lateral stability? Exercises like mini band walks, hip hikers, and lateral bounds will certainly help, but in the spirit of the season I will suggest you take a trip to Central Park. While you’re there, head over to the ice rink and rent some ice skates! Stabilizing on the unstable surface the ice provides will require the glutes to work hard to keep you from taking a spill. In addition, the extension of each leg when you push off the ice will recruit your glute medius to improve your lower body stability. If you haven’t been skating in a while I look forward to hearing how you feel the next day and you should look forward to seeing how improved lateral stability in your lower body will help you stay healthy and be more efficient in your golf swing moving forward.
Happy Holidays!
See you in the Zone!

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