There Is No Secret

Since the beginning of the game, golfers have searched for the one secret that would unlock flawless golf only to be disappointed many times over. The notion of there being one answer to poor play is founded in a lack of discipline as it would be much easier to only have to focus and practice one thing to become successful.  The real answer lies in consistent execution of a balanced practice plan.

You can look at the journey of reaching your goals in golf like trying to push a boulder up a mountain.  First of all, it requires a team to help you push that boulder and you must constantly be looking for every advantage that you can to get that boulder to the top.  In golf those improvements can come from reflecting internally on your desire, commitment, and belief in yourself.  It will also come from consistent work on physical improvements and making the mechanics of your swing, putting stroke, and chipping motion more efficient.  It will also come from constantly monitoring of your equipment and making any adjustments necessary along the way.  And lastly, you will reach your goals in golf only if you hone the ability to focus on the task at hand in the moment.

This holistic approach takes discipline and commitment as that boulder is heavy.  Only someone who wakes up every day excited to do the ALL of little things will make it to the top.

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