The End of Summer is the Beginning of Your New Golf Year!

Hard to believe we have come to the end of summer!  Wow, where did the time go?

I hope this summer that you reached the goals you set back in September 2019!  If by some chance due to COVID or any other excuse, you didn’t have the summer you were planning for, now is a good time to reflect, assess and begin the process of setting new goals or updating the ones you currently have.  For new readers, every year at this time we discuss setting short and long term goals.  So, if you didn’t have the summer you were looking for in terms of your golf performance, maybe you didn’t have the success you were looking for because you didn’t do the necessary work to accomplish them?  I understand that not all goals can be easily accomplished, but if you did not set and write down one or two, then you only had hopes of accomplishments like winning an event or reducing your handicap by 5 shots.  By the way, goals that are not written down are not goals, those are called hopes! 

New beginnings start today!  Begin thinking about what you want to accomplish in the classroom, at work, on the course or in life.  Setting goals can be tricky. Make sure to write them down, create goals that you feel certain you can accomplish, with some effort, and set some goals that will require you to stretch, that will take maximum effort and possibly require some sacrifice.   With some pushing, pulling and a lot of hard work on the right things you will be well on your way to accomplishing anything you set your mind to.  Many studies have been done on goal setting, revealing that people who set goals and timelines accomplish ten times more than those who do not, ten times!!  If you have been complaining about not playing your best golf or being productive, ask yourself, have I set the right goals?  Have I set any goals with a plan to accomplish them? 

Since you are starting to set some goals the next step would be to create a plan to make them happen.  I would highly suggest for your golf goals to start with our 5 Elements of Success Evaluation, or for junior golfers our Player Development Index Assessment. The best part is you can incorporate the 5 Elements into other parts of your life.

1.  Find your passion for something and your desire to improve.

2.  Have a proven method of measuring and coaching you through the plan of action.

3. Make sure that you can physically perform, which will be helped by having good nutrition.

4. Be mentally tough and prepared for the cognitive and emotional stress that will be required to learn. The easy is hard.

5. Having the right tools for the task always makes it easier to get things done! 

If you are coming off a disappointing summer, start by looking in the mirror and ask yourself, did I do everything I could to be my best? If the answer is no, then why?  After this assessment, take your first step of improvement by creating your written goals!  If you need help setting the right goals, come see me or one of our GPC coaches for help.  I look forward to seeing you achieve your greatness in the classroom, on the course and in life! 

Enjoy your Journey!

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