Golf Datatech Report: Record Setting Equipment Sales In July

According to Golf Datatech, an independent market research firm, July equipment sales are the highest of any month since they began tracking in 1997.  The sales report shows $388.6 million in total equipment sales, beating the old record of $368.1 million in June 2007 by $20 million!  All-time records were set in balls, gloves, irons and wedges.  The single month iron sales record was set last month and was beaten this month while shoes and bags were both up 60%.  Amazingly, the golf equipment industry is still down for the year due to the pandemic that caused 30-70% sales decreases during the months of March, April and May.  The game of golf provides all the elements that are needed to stay safe and socially distant during these times so rounds are up for all skill levels and new golfers are coming in at a rapid pace.  These retail results confirm what many of the country’s golf retailers, custom club shops and PGA Pros have been feeling.  It seems that in an uncertain landscape, golf is an activity that will continue to provide us with all the amazing things this game has to offer.  We are excited to help do our part to grow the game during these unprecedented times.

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