As we’ve moved into our second phase of the workouts in the Performance Zone, testing our ability through isometric (static/not moving) exercises takes a toll.  Both mentally and physically.  These isometric exercises create strength endurance, but what else are we strengthening with this focus? This time under tension builds muscles, yes, but it also builds discipline.  Exercise allows us to develop a positive work ethic and willpower! If you are able to endure the strenuous among of time placed in a position that forces you to focus and feel everything that is happening within your body, then you can endure that stressful class assignment you’ve been putting off, or that work call you don’t want to make, and especially the high pressure shot you need to execute to make par! 

Exercise is a great teacher and we don’t even realize it! It teaches us all these incredible things outside of the gym that bleed into everything around us, creating a positive environment around everything we do.  The more disciplined we are in the Performance Zone, the more consistent we become out on the course, in the classroom, at work, and at home! Because after all, “Function does Dictate Form”! Let’s not just move to the best of our abilities but let’s perform and be the best we can, in everything we do.  The Performance Zone doesn’t just build strength endurance in phase 2, it builds character! So, that last rep, shot or chore, stay disciplined!