Your Set Make-Up

The make-up of your set of golf clubs is as important as the clubs themselves.  When you buy a piece of furniture and you get home and open the box, the first thing you should do is look at the instructions.  The first thing on the first page is: “tools you will need” followed by a list of tools like a screwdriver and a hammer.  When going out for a round of golf, there is no instruction book with the list of tools you will need, it’s on you to make sure you have the right tools to shoot your lowest score. You have a limit of 14 clubs in your bag, after a putter that leaves 13.  How you choose the remaining 13 clubs is totally up to you and may change depending on the course and the conditions.  Sometimes, if we are not confident in one of our clubs, we may avoid using it and that will put pressure on the other clubs in the bag. Trying to stretch a 5 iron or taking something off of a 3 wood to avoid hitting a hybrid.  These holes in your toolbox make it harder to make your way around the course.  If a club does not do its job, it is time to find one that does. In my experience, when a player does not like a certain club in their bag, there is usually a reason.  Maybe the lie angle is off or the swing weight is lighter than the rest of the set, but usually there is a reason.  People always seem to be surprised that maybe it was the equipment after all!  Sometimes you don’t know how bad your equipment is until you make a switch and see the difference.  Make sure you are setting yourself up for success by having the right set make-up for you and the course!

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