A Change is Gonna Come

To improve in the game of golf something has to change, whether it be a change in swing mechanics, physical performance improvements, changes to the mental process, equipment changes, or a combination of all of these things.  If you simply maintain the status quo then it is very difficult to improve.  Making the appropriate changes to your golf swing first requires the proper evaluation and then a long term plan to see the changes through to the end.  Constantly looking for the quick fix will put you on a path of perpetually chasing your tail.  There may periods of success along the way, but that success will certainly be fleeting.

Why is it so hard to improve at the game of golf?  Because it so hard to make these changes.  Why is it so hard to make these changes?  Because you will be uncomfortable and performance may suffer at first and for a longer period of time than most people can sustain.  This is where grit and belief in the process come into play.  There must be absolute belief in the reasons behind why you want to make the changes.  If the belief is there then there must be enough grit to stay with the process even at the point of total frustration.  These are the moments where breakthroughs happen and changes can be solidified. 

Doing the right drills, fully engaged, countless times until the point of monotony is the only way.  When you think you’ve got it, do another ten thousand reps, and then maybe you’ve got it.  When you continue to do reps you are ingraining the movement pattern associated with that drill and thus moving closer to the goal of moving more efficiently.  If you can stay on the path with conviction a change is sure to come.

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