How Equipment Affects Development

Ever seen an elite golfer with an unorthodox swing? Chances are, the swing was not the problem, but the solution. The problem was their equipment. Kids are amazing problem solvers and above all else show tremendous resiliency. While an adult may use equipment as a scapegoat for their game, junior golfers will take a driver that is too long or clubs that are too heavy and find a solution to the problem, often at the expense of their technique. If a sand wedge has a lie angle that is too upright (toe up) the ball will launch left of the intended target. If that sand wedge is the latest and greatest wedge on the market the last thing one might admit is that the club may not be right for them, especially if they don’t understand why. Instead, they will go to the course and find a way to make the club go high and straight, often by implementing technique that is detrimental to their long-term development. This is the exact scenario that what we pride ourselves on avoiding at GPC Custom Clubs, ensuring that our junior golfer’s technique never has to suffer because of improper equipment.

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