Exchange Self-Development for Self-Discovery

Just like marketers use mind-games to sell their products, we can play mind-games with ourselves to get better results in our game. One example of a mind-game would be shifting perspective. Your perspective directly affects your emotions and your behavior is driven by your emotions, whether you choose your perspective consciously or not. If you’re willing to have an open mind and play a little, perhaps you’d be willing to consciously choose a new perspective and see what results it can yield.
Old/usual Perspective: In my golf game, I am practicing self-development.
Attention: Need to develop myself as a person and a golfer before I am good enough to be my best self.
Limited view: My best self does not exist until I have developed the skill. A flow state is difficult to reach because I am always in judgment of myself as I am developing the skill and cannot embrace the struggle.
New Perspective: In my golf game, I am practicing skill-development and self-discovery.
Attention: Need to connect to my best self and bring that to the skill-development.
Expansive View: My best self is always here with me; it supports me in embracing the struggle as I develop skills in my sport. It helps me focus, puts me into a flow state, and brings me surprising results.
A small shift in perspective makes a big difference in experience and results. Looking to ‘discover’ yourself will allow your mind to stay present in the moment, embracing inner struggle and meeting that with your best self. A self that knows you have everything you need, already in you, to succeed. A self that is conducive to flow state. A self that remains open, curious, and present, which brings surprising results.
Discover yourself as a golfer and enjoy the journey.

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