Good Evening GPC Community!

I hope you and your family are safe and well.
During these difficult times, I want to let you know that our #1 goal is still to support you on your golf journey! Maybe a good perspective on this would be to liken it to having a broken leg. The doctor tells you are out for 4 to 8 weeks, but the good news is, you can still practice, play, work out and it won’t affect you after the cast comes off. You will be stronger and more resilient after the incident!
While you are rehabbing your “broken” leg, stay focused on your goals and aspirations. Know that we are here to continue to help coach and guide you through this rough patch.   Now, I can understand that you may feel disappointed about not being able to come to GPC and to have access to one of the best training facilities in the world, but the tools GPC provides are only as good as those who use them.   Even though you have a great place to train, a large part of the development of any great athlete or businessperson is done largely on their own!  The research of Dr. Anders Ericsson, leading expert on expertise, reveals that regardless of how good a mentor, coach or technology is, roughly 80% of becoming great at something is done on your own.  His research shows that deep discovery and learning about oneself is essential to help propel an athlete to their highest level.  When working on your own, it allows an athlete to give their coaches better feedback as to what they are feeling or understanding about their own skill acquisition and development.
So, perhaps the real value of GPC is the expertise of our team members. These men and women are some of the best in the world!  I have said over the years, you don’t go to the doctor’s office for the office, you go because of the doctors’ knowledge.
Remember GPC’s 5 Elements of Success Principles. If there was ever a time to lean into your improvement, now is the time!  Exhibit your desire to improve, keep your physical body strong and ready by eating well and getting your sleep, follow your practice sheets, listen to your coaches. This is a great time to read, meditate and work on your resiliency, and continue to use the equipment necessary to stay sharp!
During this tough time, we are here for you. We will continue to provide you with the best coaching possible under the circumstances, but it is also up to YOU to give your best effort to learn and develop.
In conclusion, we have received some emails and calls recently about not having GPC facilities available for practice and coaching. Some may feel that they are not getting the value of the membership.  Again, I believe the value is in the expertise of our people. Like school, the largest part of learning a subject comes from homework, not in the classroom. It  is the guidance of the teacher pointing the student in the direction of the information that is the secret sauce of learning.
We know it is not easy on anyone, so we ask that you give your best effort daily, show up to the virtual sessions, get out and play golf, understand that the motivation must come from within,
You have to want to learn!
Let this time help us get stronger, individually and as a community,  we will get through this together!
Be safe, I wish continued good health and as always,
Enjoy Your Journey!

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