When Uncertainty Becomes Unsettling – Trust the Process

What does it really mean to ‘trust the process’? We can trust the process of a technique taught to improve driving distance or putting accuracy. We can trust the process of steps provided for development of a mental game skill. Seeing as I prefer to dig deeper and get to the root of things, it occurs to me that there’s something more to ‘trusting the process.’
I believe, that something more is in YOU! In your gut, in your heart, in your intelligence, and in the skills you’ve already developed in golf and life. It’s in your innate strength and ability to lean into your own discomfort, to objectively observe and acknowledge difficult emotions. It’s in your innate connection to your true self- your best self, where you can source aspirational attitudes, like positivity, hope, and purpose.
It’s in your ability to rise above any challenge and a reminder of all the times when you have overcome and gotten stronger and smarter as a result. It’s in feeling the connection to your feet on the ground, knowing that your moral compass is intact, and opening to experiencing your best self…no matter the current outer conditions or circumstances.
Uncertainty will come in our golf game and in life, that is a given. It can be unsettling when we don’t know what’s going to happen or where things are going. Getting caught up in our unsettling emotional reactions to the uncertainty can throw us off further.
I want to remind you that there is a firm ground and greatness within you. This place can support you and this place always knows the next best step. To make that connection, you have to first trust this place within.
Trust the process by first trusting your Best Self.

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