Equipment Check at The US Open

The US Open this week is being played in our backyard at Winged Foot Golf Club in Mamaroneck, NY. It’s a great time to take a look at the equipment of the guys on tour at one of the toughest courses in major history.  One thing that jumps out this week is the amount of 7 woods, yes you read that right and it was not a typo…7 woods.  The rough this week at Winged Foot is some of the toughest rough you will ever see on Tour and one key for escaping it is coming into the ball at a steep angle.  This steep angle requires a lot of loft to get the ball up and out of the rough, in a hurry.  The length of the 7 wood enables them to create more club head speed than say a hybrid and has enough loft to pop the ball out of the rough. This is a perfect example of how the best players in the world are constantly changing their tools for the trade depending on the course and conditions.  It is not uncommon for players to have a rotation of clubs that they use on different courses.  This adaptability is key for performance and can be found not only in their equipment but also in their games, adapting to different lies and conditions throughout the round.   Whoever adapts the best this week will surely hoist the trophy!

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