It’s US Open Week!

It’s US Open week! Beautiful Winged Foot Golf Club is the host and the course is set up to test the best in the game in every way possible. With narrow fairways and extremely long rough, there will be a premium to being in the short stuff. It’s inevitable, however, that a number of shot will find the rough. When they do you can bet the physical demands necessary to advance that golf ball are great. Beginning with a lower body that provides both stability and control, it then must rotate with speed to create the power necessary to advance the ball with any control. Lower body action will certainly give the athlete the best opportunity at creating club head speed, but the strength of the upper body is also critical to controlling the club face through that dense grass. Forearm, wrist, and hand strength will improve without even realizing it with many of the exercises we turn to in the gym. Farmers walks, liberty carries, dumbbell row variations, and good old fashioned pull ups are some of the best exercises you can do to help improve the strength and stability in the hands and wrists. Just like those other exercises, progress your weight, reps, or time under tension over a period of weeks to see the positive effects transfer into your golf game. I hope everyone enjoys the remainder of the US Open! Be sure to note how these guys control the club through the rough over the next few rounds.

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