Dream BIG, Act Small Daily

Have BIG audacious dreams, Think BIG!  Let your imagination run wild with who you want to be. Dream BIG!  Hopefully you have heard this a time or two in your life. If not, shame on the people around you.  Something to note – dreaming or thinking big, it doesn’t cost more than dreaming or thinking small or not imagining great things.  It is up to you to make your dream or big idea come true. It only takes action in that direction.
Short and sweet, I encourage you to Dream Big, Act Small. Set up your plan to capture your big dream.  The little things that you do daily will enable the big things to happen. It isn’t about doing audacious things because those are hard to repeat daily.  If you haven’t read Think Big, Act Small by Jason Jennings you might want to pick it up. It’s a good read about how some of the greatest companies have become great companies by doing the little things daily and solving the right problems.  It is no secret to success in business or in sports that big things happen as a result of many days of doing all the little stuff. Much of this you may not like, so be patient and persistent. Keep the people around you that believe in your dream and you may need to allow your passion to pull you through on the tough days!
Think of the US Space Shuttle program. It has been documented that it takes nearly five years of prep work to send a spaceship into orbit. Lift off is the Big Dream of a commander and his team, however it may take them 10 years to get into that seat!  Doing the little things well every day in order to make the BIG dream happen.  Steve Jobs has been said to have spent years on delivering on an Apple product due to getting the smallest of details right – like how a circuit board may look inside a computer that no one sees but an Apple employee.  His thinking was that every piece of an Apple had to be of the highest quality so when people spoke about Apple everyone knew how much energy went into building their computers better than everyone else.  May I say, Apple has led to change in our world with their technologies!
So, your BIG Dream is to be a PGA/LPGA Star, CEO of your own Fortune 500 company or perhaps a doctor or lawyer, whatever may be. It will come down to how well you do the little things daily. Are you doing them to the best of your ability or just doing them to get them done?  It does matter!  Again, set up your plan, work your plan, be industrious about the little things daily, your BIG Dream will follow!
PS: Dreams do not have a time limit!!
Enjoy Your Journey!

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