A New Hope

With the new year beginning, today brings a new hope for many to make positive changes in their lives that will have long lasting effects for the future, however, hope is not enough.  Whatever changes you are looking to make you must write down specific goals and commitments that will allow you to sustain yourself through the weak times and make the positive changes this year.
Start with writing down the goals that you want to achieve in golf this year, then take the time to write down the commitments that are required to attain them.  What are the improvements that need to be made to achieve these goals?  What is the timeline to get there?  Without answering these questions first, you cannot formulate a plan.  Without a plan there is a slim chance of reaching your goals.
Making improvements in your golf game is not any easier than making improvements in your personal life or in business.  There must be a clear plan in place and a strong commitment to be consistent in your practice habits. Once the plan is in place it is the relentless commitment to stick to the plan that will decide whether you will improve or not.
If you don’t have a plan to improve your golf game this year, then what are you waiting for? Now is the time to get started.
Practice Smart!
Happy New Year!

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