Bridging The Gap

Most golfers seek out a coach when they want to improve their golf game and a club-fitter when they want to buy new clubs. These two have been separating slowly over time but are currently at an all-time high. However don’t the two share a common goal to improve performance? The truth is that a golfer’s performance and the equipment they use go hand in hand, which is why Equipment is one of our 5 Elements of Success here at The Golf Performance Center. Imagine this scenario: a golfer with custom fit irons is working with his coach on a swing change, going from a “fade” to a “draw”. The custom fit irons that were previously a perfect fit for the golfer’s fade swing, are now too upright for his draw swing, causing his face to be closed at impact. Mix that with his new “in to out” club path and you have a recipe for hooks. If the industry can bridge the gap between fitters and coaches, we will start to have a better understanding of the ecosystem that influences the golfer’s performance. This deeper understanding of how equipment influences performance, fuels itself with the success of each golfer.

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