The Value of Knowing Where You Are!

Imagine that you are on a journey, driving across the country from the east coast to the west coast. Your navigation system isn’t working and somehow driving in the dark you took a wrong turn. Bam! Now you’re lost in the middle of nowhere! How could that be? You’re thinking, I was just fine an hour ago on Route 40 West, how could I be lost? Well, somehow you missed the slight right hand turn and ended up lost in the middle of nowhere! Such a subtle thing made a huge difference to your journey. How frustrating!! This is where having a map is a great thing, pulling out your road map to find where you are, then navigating back onto the right path to get you to your ultimate destination. Now that you have gotten back on track, isn’t it great to reflect back on your journey and in most cases fondly recall the things you learned along the way? Remembering a picturesque town, amazing landscapes that you would have never seen, or great people that you may have never met had you not gotten “lost.” In reflection, you may realize that you became better for being lost, you gained something that may not have otherwise happened if you would have not gotten lost. Funny how life is like that!
Well, golf is like your road journey. You will get lost at times, you will get frustrated, but you will pull your road map for improvement (5 Elements of Success Binder), find out where you are, and get back on your journey. Don’t forget to reflect and fondly recall your starting point, see where you have improved on the elements that you are working on and continue to learn from your playing and practicing experiences. If you do not have a road map to guide you through your golf journey, book a 5 Elements of Success Evaluation at The Golf Performance Center NOW! (shameless plug). There is much value in knowing where you are as a golfer. Do you know your skill level? Are you physically capable of doing the things you want to do in golf? Do you have the mindset it takes to get to where you want to be with golf? Is your equipment right for you? Until you know where you are it is highly probable you will not get to where you want to go! We would recommend seeing your golf professional to help create your road map ASAP! Without a plan to help you navigate through your golf journey to improvement or to your lofty goals as a competitive player. You will get lost and getting back on track will be more difficult because you will have no idea where you started or where you are in relation to your path to your goals. A quick fix to your golf swing will not keep you from getting lost, it will only lead you in circles!

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