Improve Your Golf Mental Game With Positive Affirmations

Positive affirmations can be a secret weapon in your golf mental game. We often use them as a way to get us closer to what we want or to potentially overcome self-sabotaging thought patterns. 
In fact, some of the best golf psychologists stand by affirmations as a way to help players manifest their goals, concentrate, calm negative thoughts and center themselves. If you’re wondering how to improve your mental golf game, an emotional affirmation might be the first step on a path to mindfulness.

Using an Emotional Affirmation to Produce Energy

Most of us have heard of affirmations and have an idea about how they might be helpful, but, really, how can just repeating words every day that state life ‘as we want it to be’ really work for us? That’s a great question.
An emotional affirmation has more power than you might realize. And “I feel” affirmations can be an important way to check in with yourself as you evaluate your golf psychology.
Let’s take on an open mind and try a few. Right here and now, state the below affirmations aloud.

  • I have an abundance of energy
  • I am surrounded by uplifting people
  • I live with passion and purpose
  • I am at peace and one with everything
  • All good things are coming to me today
  • I believe in my skills and abilities
  • I am worthy of love and joy
  • I am free to be myself
  • I am grateful to be alive 

So, how do you feel?
It’s likely after reading these statements aloud you may be feeling a bit more ‘lifted’ in your energy because you’ve raised your vibration by raising your emotions. Although some of you may not have felt anything at all or even feel a bit lower in your vibrational or emotional state due to feeling doubt around such inspirational phrases. Interesting how words can have so much power, isn’t it?
The important thing is to understand where the power is actually coming from because it’s not just the words alone. It can be helpful to think of emotion as shorthand for “energy in motion.” 
Energy is vibration – it’s a frequency that can be felt and even scientifically measured. Your emotions are energy, which is how an emotional affirmation can give you a certain kind of energy for inspiring action.
The more you practice affirmations, the more likely they are to take hold and manifest a positive way of thinking rather than letting thoughts of failure or negativity creep in. This is how affirmations can play a role in your golf mental game. 

How Affirmations Relate to Golf Psychology

When we talk about using affirmations, it’s important that we realize what we are using them so that we may get the benefit we’re desiring. 
The purpose of affirmations is to feel the statements and to feel the meaning in the words. We might use these “I feel” affirmations for a number of different reasons. 
One is improved performance in our golf game or for a greater quality of life. Using affirmations can support you in working towards mastery of your internal environment and more importantly, they help you maintain a higher vibration that allows you to positively affect other people for the better. 
Everyone’s reasoning is unique and there are no right or wrongs in that. Although what remains is that for affirmations to work, we must feel them right here and now as truth.
A golf sports psychologist might recommend general positive affirmations, like those listed above. Or you could also recite golf-related affirmations to really narrow in on your game. 
Identify aspects of your game that you are proud of, whether that’s your consistency, your natural patience or desire to always improve. A golf psychologist might recommend you list these qualities about yourself in your yardage book and use them as affirmations to remind yourself what you currently do well while you’re on the golf course. 

Practicing “I Feel” Affirmations

Just remember that it’s all about the feeling and the emotion is what makes the difference. So, as you sit with your chosen affirmations and repeat them aloud or silently to yourself, be sure to take some time with each one and really get into the emotion of what it would be like if it were real right now. 
In the beginning, you may struggle and the emotions may not seem to come right away; that’s when we need to be sure to stay disciplined and work on our mental game. Keep at it, keep practicing, tuning into your body (your heart and gut centers specifically), and feeling the emotion for each one of your affirmations. 
One day you will begin to feel your affirmations more fully and viscerally. Then you may discover how you can strengthen your ability to make the emotions behind the words grow within you and begin realizing the benefit and true power of affirmations.

Remember, simply repeating your affirmations won’t give you power, but feeling your affirmations will.

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