Arnold Palmer

Why Arnold Palmer Built His Own

Arnold Palmer was and still is “The King”, but he was also an equipment junky. He has a collection of over 10,000 golf clubs, which includes almost 2,000 putters, most of which he built himself.  He would often be seen with two bags on his cart at his home course in Florida and each bag could have up to 50 clubs in it!  He still wrapped his own leather grips even late into his spectacular life.  Building his own clubs with his own hands gave him a deeper connection with his equipment and a better understanding of how the clubs worked.  In addition to the golf benefits of building his own clubs, research has shown that using your hands can help to relieve anxiety, decreases stress and improves overall mental health.  In today’s tech driven society, there are very few opportunities to sit down and build something with our hands. So many people miss this hidden, golden opportunity to block out the anxieties of everyday life and build something with their hands.  Many sports offer these opportunities; tennis players wrap their own grips, baseball players restring their own gloves, golfers change their own grips.  These actions can be therapeutic and can increase an understanding of how your equipment was designed to function, increasing your chances to play your best. Here at GPC we are all about playing our best!

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