A Quick Note on Pre-Round Preparation

Tournament season is here! Pre-round preparation becomes that much more important as you want to give your best effort in competition after the hard work you’ve been bringing to your practice sessions. These conditions are sure to test your levels of grit, focus, and ability to move efficiently. We all know we can’t control the weather, but the key to success in less than ideal conditions is to take full advantage of what we CAN control.

Preparation begins in the days before you play in terms of what you are putting in your body nutritionally that will best support your performance over the course of a round. Doughnuts the morning of, aren’t going to act as a sustainable source of energy! Before our athlete’s leave home they should be sure they’ve packed the appropriate gear to be ready for anything the day may bring. As simple as this may sound, they need to make sure they have the necessities to play a round of golf; shoes, balls, tees, and maybe even 14 clubs! Let alone, a fully functioning range finder, if they choose to use one. I even recommend an extra pair of shoe laces – can you imagine how something that simple would affect your performance? These are all materialistic items that can make the player’s experience and chances of playing well that much better, but what else is necessary to prepare for a tournament round?

If you want an edge over your fellow competitors, you better spend time warming up your body. I’m not referring to hitting balls on the range. We’re not there yet. I’m referring to a 15-20 minute muscle activation and stretch in the warmth of your home or hotel room before you leave for the course. Use the dynamic warm up below to get you started. Each exercise can be done in place and will not only get you ready to play your best, it will reduce your likelihood of injury immensely.

Hotel Room Warm-Up/Activation

  1. 10x Body Weight Squats
  2. 10x Knee Hug to Spiderman w/ Rotation
  3. 10x Toe Touch
  4. 10x Lateral Lunge
  5. 10x Push Up Walkout
  6. Push Pulls

Once you head over to the course an additional GPC warm up takes full effect as you once again have to keep those muscles warm throughout the day. You should be using the following warm up on the range before a single ball is hit, and there is nothing to say you can’t use this warm up every 3 or 4 holes, or whenever you may be feeling a little tight throughout your round to make sure you are staying fresh.

  1. 10x Body Weight Squats
  2. 10x Toe Touches
  3. 10x Split Stance Torso Rotations
  4. 10x Reverse Lunge w/ Overhead Reach
  5. 10x Speed Swings w/ Driver Right and Left

The last aspect of preparation that is necessary for maintaining high levels of focus is consistent hydration and consumption of nutrient dense snacks. It is easy to “feel” hydrated when you’re making your way through the rain soaked golf course, but don’t be fooled. Keep drinking water! Keeping your fluid levels high and consistently eating slow digesting snacks will keep you feeling sharp down the stretch.

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