Ethan Allen Prep’s Individualized Blended Learning Combines Academics and Golf

As you may have read, Harvard University recently announced that 60% of its student population will begin the year learning remotely. Their goal to create a safer environment by reducing the numbers in the classrooms is inspired by a social responsibility to COVID safety protocols. This decision also highlights the value of remote learning. It’s interesting to note that Harvard is NOT reducing their annual tuition, essentially stating that remote learning is as impactful and effective as an in-person Harvard classroom.

Additionally, schools in our community are rolling out a blended model of in-person and remote learning similar to Ethan Allen Prep for the fall. Unfortunately, the 28-1 student to teacher ratio in most area public schools will diminish the value of this experience as teachers cannot possibly provide the personal attention necessary for students to maximize their learning.

Since EAP’s inception, we have been providing an individualized blended learning opportunity for students 6-PG that enables student athletes to maximize their learning as well as pursue golf.

The academic team at EAP works with each student athlete to develop a personalized curriculum in concert with in-person courses in Sports Psychology, Mindfulness, College Readiness and Executive Functioning. The academic schedule is flexible by nature so that students can train with the golf coaches at GPC as well as travel to tournaments in Florida during the winter, all without interrupting their learning. Time is an important factor as student athletes progress at different paces. The GPC/EAP partnership focuses on developing student athletes to achieve his or her own goals on their timetable.

While other schools are scrambling to prepare for the fall, it’s business as usual here when it comes to our academic planning. This allows us to focus on each incoming student and their families individually. We look forward to kicking off the school year in August.

I invite you to visit campus to discuss your child’s potential future with EAP or we can arrange a virtual meeting at your convenience. I anticipate that you may have questions that I’d be happy to address. As a reminder, we offer merit based scholarships to make EAP accessible to all.

Please reach out to me directly at or 203.408.2889×133

– David Newman, Executive Director of Ethan Allen Prep

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