You Need A Session!

Here at GPC, both golf and physical coaches look at your golf development through the philosophy “function dictates form.” That means how your body is moving will dictate how you swing the golf club. It is important that you work on your physical function every day, whether that be a corrective exercise workout or a strength and cardio workout. What if I told you that you might be doing those correctives or strength exercises wrong? If you continually perform exercises incorrectly you could actually be hindering your golf game and actually strengthening your dysfunctions!
This is why now is the time. Let’s look at an example; if your hip is in the wrong position on a lunge, you might be favoring external rotation rather than what you need (especially in the golf swing), internal rotation! As with improving your golf mechanics, this takes a trained eye to ensure you are in the right position and you feel the proper muscles working. Doing so will make sure the changes you are looking to make from your most recent evaluation are being worked on properly and the efforts you are making on the golf side will be possible!
If you are interested in booking a session please reach out to myself or Kyle, because we know that poor physical function could be the source of frustration you are experiencing in your golf game!

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