Workout Consistency

“Every time you miss a workout, the next one’s easier to miss” – Al Vermeil,

The tournament season for both our adult and junior membership is in full force. Although playing great golf is our goal, a critical component to that happening is your physical performance and nutrition. It’s important not to lose focus on your workout schedule this time of year. Letting your workouts slip through the cracks will affect your performance before you know it, and all the hard work you put in this past off season to build strength and power will begin to regress after just two weeks of inactivity.

While scheduled “off weeks” are necessary for rest and recovery (and can be built around your tournament schedule), this doesn’t mean you have to be a couch potato. Deloading weeks are crucial to performance gains moving forward, and these time periods do not technically mean you aren’t spending any time in the gym. These deloading periods are a perfect time to focus on your corrective exercises and additional mobility work that will help you stay healthy and continue to move well throughout the season. It’s a simple equation; the longer you go without maintaining a regular schedule, the more your levels of performance will decrease and you will have to climb over that wall one more time as you try to find that consistent routine again.

On the flip side, you may be thinking ‘No problem! It will only take a week or two to regain all that strength and power in the gym.’ Unfortunately, it takes close to six weeks to regain that loss of strength and muscle that comes with just two weeks of inactivity, and in the peak of the tournament season we don’t have that time. Stick with your program now and you will reap the benefits of all that hard work you put in the gym when it matters most! 

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