Why the Dodgers Won the World Series

Baseball fan or not, the World Series is a great sporting event worldwide.  As an Indian’s fan, we will try again next year to make it to the Big Dance! The Rays made it an interesting series, but congratulations to the Dodgers for winning their first World Series since 1988! In the end, the Dodger hitters made the necessary adjustments to get the job done, along with solid pitching!

The Dodgers did what any good golfer would do on the course during a round; adjust. The Rays did not make the adjustment for the pitchers in the final two games, and consequently, they did not get the hits to win. Like great hitters in baseball, the best golfers have learned over many years of experience how to play the necessary shots even when they do not “feel” their best during a tournament. I know this may sound contradictory to trust the process, but great golfers are able to go through the same process and make adjustments in the round when necessary. An example is when the ball is below your feet, above your feet, sidehill lie, etc. When you try to hit the same shot from a difficult lie the same way you may hit a shot from the fairway with great lie, it probably will not work out as well or as consistent as you may like. 

When trying to score lower, it is important to be able to hit multiple types of shots from varied lies. Therefore, practicing on such lies would be a good part of the process of making the right assessment of a lie. If you understand what needs to be done to adjust but still have difficulty, it may be a good idea to find out why you have trouble hitting certain shots. Adjustments can be as small as more knee flex or moving the ball in back in stance slightly.  Whatever the adjustment is, it is ideal to learn what you need to do to improve.

Congratulations Dodgers! Better luck next year Rays! Go Indians! Enjoy Your Journey!

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