Preparing For The Elements

Planning for the elements is something that athletes at the highest level all do and amateurs repeatedly fail to do. Since the game of golf is played outside, making sure you are prepared for the elements is crucial for sustaining success throughout the year. Players on the PGA Tour are seldom caught in bad weather without the necessary equipment. Here’s what every player should have to make sure you are prepared for whatever weather comes your way, starting from the ground up: waterproof golf shoes, rain paints, rain jacket, rain hat and rain gloves.  Additionally, if you have an umbrella you are ahead of the game. All bags come with a rain hood which is essential for keeping the clubs dry in wet conditions. Besides having the right equipment, knowing what the forecast shows is important for planning as well. Sometimes the forecast can dictate which clubs will make up your set for that week. If greens will be soft vs hard can change which wedges you will want and if the course is playing soft you may have longer distances on your approach shots which may require different clubs or a different plan for your tee shots. Planning for the elements is essential and is one of the difference makers at all levels. Make sure you have the right equipment and plan ahead so you can reach your potential!

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