Turn Weaknesses into Strengths

We have discussed before that the way to improve in golf is to improve your weaknesses.  You can identify different areas of the game that are weak through consistently keeping stats and then putting time and energy into improving those areas.  If you take a closer look at your game and think through certain situations or shots that you tend to struggle with you can gain a clearer picture of specific things to work on.

There are many variables in the game and many skills that are needed.  It is very common to simply ignore certain factors that make particular shots difficult and to spend time doing things that are more comfortable.  In fact, as Francesco Molinari’s performance coach David Alred puts it, the whole point is to get to a place of discomfort so that you can learn how to perform.  This means going after very specific weakness.

Start by making a list of things that make you uncomfortable in golf and then come up with ways to practice those things.  Here are some examples followed by forms of practice:

1 – Playing with better players – The answer here is simple.  Setup games with better players to get used to it.  You will soon realize that it doesn’t matter who you are playing with, just play your game.

2 – Hitting cut shots with driver – The answer may be to better understand how to hit a cut shot but ultimately practice is the answer.  Many people just accept that a draw is the only shape that they can hit and never practice hitting a cut.

3 – Bunker Shots – Getting out to the bunker for a good block practice session may be very helpful, however, random practice in which you give yourself different lies and look to get the ball inside a six foot circle around the hole is a must.

With a good list and the right kind of effort you can turn your weaknesses into strengths.

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