Tiger Makes A Putter Switch At The PGA

Perhaps the most famous golf club in the world is Tiger Woods’ Titleist Scotty Cameron putter. Tiger has made a number of club changes throughout his career but the one constant in his bag has been his putter, which has been used to win 14 of his 15 major championships.

His new flat stick is also a Titleist Scotty Cameron, handmade by Cameron himself, but with two differences from his older model. One is length, his newer putter is longer, which allows Tiger to increase his practice time without straining his surgically fused back. The other difference is two weights placed in the toe and heel of the putter. The heavier head will come in handy on the somewhat slow greens expected this week at TPC Harding Park.

These tweaks are perfect examples of the crucial role equipment plays in maximizing performance. Do your clubs take into account any physical limitations you may have? Are they built to accommodate conditions on your home course? Stop by the Custom Clubs shop to make sure they are!

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